Opening a craft shop can feel like a daunting task, no matter how much you want to do it.

Writing a  business plan will assist you determine what you would like to sell, like crafts, supplies or both, how much of it you need, if you’ll target a niche, like scrapbooking, or want a wide range of crafts or supplies, where you’ll get it, how much it’ll cost and how you will market it when you are ready.

Once you’ve decided what you want to sell and how you’re going to get it, you’ll need to buy or lease a suitable retail location. New Delhi is the largest city in India.

As opposed to looking at New Delhi as a whole to find a place to craft shop, look at the individual neighborhoods. Most may have a large store like Craft House in Metropolitan Hotel & spa on Goel Market, Sector-4, Connaught place, locations, but smaller neighborhoods can benefit from a craft store that’s home like and comfortable.



These kinds of craft shops are frequently run out of the old house, for instance, or near a popular area, market or other commercial centers.

Since New Delhi is so big, you do not need to worry about competing with chain stores, but rather finding a niche area that the many craftsmen in New Delhi will want to visit and discuss crafting.

Look for a place where you want to shop for supplies or crafts. Be sure there is not a competitive shop nearby. Arrange to buy or rent the location through a local realtor or the building owner.

Once you’ve found your location, you’ll have to set up the store in order that it’s conducive to browsing and buying. If you’re offering crafted items, design areas which are intriguing to look through.

You might also wish to consider a kid’s area, if you’ve space, so parents can be encouraged to look about, without having to worry about kids damaging items.


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