pop art


is a famous and it is more popular in United America. Pop art is also known as contemporary art. Pop Art is the movement in art when artists began to create art with the subject of things that are iconic in nature such as famous people, advertising, and movies.

Friends, there is a different type of art and crafts. All types of art and crafts is a creativity to express his art in front of others, sometimes creativity takes fame and name. When it becomes very famous then it will convert into a trademark or a popular name.

The British and the American people were responsible for setting off this type of art in the 1950’s and 60’s. In art history, art movements are attached to time periods. It is the most recent form of artistic movements next to postmodernism. An offshoot of pop art is a type of art called “Lowbrow”. It was started in the 70’s in California, USA and is often termed “pop surrealism”.

I like to think that pop art is a fun, colorful and playful. As much as it can be associated with a child-like playfulness and simplicity, it has quite a bit of art theory to it.



In above picture, a bird winging its way across a clear sky, Emerging from the base of that the cage is part of a person’s face signifying that this is a breaking free from the mind. Is that a painting or work of art which I discuss? Not actually, but you might term it as the design that is contemporary or pop art.

Ancient Designs artists developed the designs and patterns workmen with abilities that were immense crafted them to things and temples. The master craftsman would outline details of ratio, color, and shape of the plan.

These ideas of layouts were under the influence of local and Mayan civilizations. This might be reflected in many textiles and rock inlays. when the Stone Age Man began using stones to make tools origin of tools start of the handicraft originated. The abilities were passed on to generations except that this purpose of craftsmanship previously was for survival.

If space is big or small, the distance opposite the entrance can be decorated with metal or canvas wall art in colors and designs. Since modern art is interpretive and abstract it may be displayed vertically or horizontally, whichever best suits the space. Metal wall artwork might be used, or in two spaces or 3 frameless canvas panels might be used to make a focus on its own or in conjunction. In a smaller space, fewer pieces personally or one suitably sized piece might offer the main focus in the foyer. Think about painting the wall in a hue which complements the artwork and makes it stand out.
table top pop art

Choose a piece of tabletop artwork of an appropriate size which expresses your style. Let the mood and design of your canvas or metal wall art inspire the choice of the art so the combination of components expresses an interpretation that’s meaningful to you. Display it on even a small console table from the front of your modern painting or metal wall art.

If a distance is at a premium, display tabletop artwork on a pedestal or a modern wall shelf. Combining sculpture or tabletop artwork with wall art is an extremely personal way of expressing your design since the interpretation is what guides the way you combine decorative components. To make your home truly distinctive, avoid mass-produced art that’s typically available in discounted stores along with retail chains, such pieces rarely possess your impact of original art.

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