Definition: – craft is a pastime or a profession that requires particular skills and knowledge of skilled workers.

Once a person finished his fine arts, he would search for a place to set up his own shop. After he set up his own shop he could call himself a master of his technique which includes the certain amount of education and the learning of skills.

There are many sections and categories are comes under online shop.


  • Handicraft: – is the “traditional” main sector of the homemade arts, it is a type of work where useful and decorative devices are made completely by hand or by using only simple tools. Usually, the term is applied to traditional means of making goods.
  • Metal Crafts: – includes metal work using Zinc, Copper, Brass, Silver, Gold. Some of the traditional ancient expertise styles are Bidriware, Pembarthi Metal Dhokra, Kamrupi
  • Textile: – these include any type of arts where you work with fabric, yarn or surface design. Some examples are knitting, quilting, appliqué, weaving, and dying.
  • Paper Crafts: – paper arts have to do with wallpaper.
  • Decorative: – Furniture making, metalwork, stenciling, stained glass, gilding, spongeware, surface design of walls such as basketry and dried flowers fall into the category of decorative abilities. This category also includes toy making.
  • Fashion:- this type of ability encompasses all the elements of dressing the human body: jewelry, hats, leatherwork (shoes, belts, handbags) and garments.

Categories are depending on different culture, tradition, and states which are as under:-

RAJASTHAN: – Rajasthan is recognized by its Royal heritage is a prominent and well-established in expertise industry.

GUJRAT: – Gujarat is renowned for its textile production methods. Bordering Rajasthan, the two states share similarities in culture and identity. The ancient Indus Valley Civilization inhabited the entire region, including Rajasthan and Punjab during Medieval India.

North East: – A state recognized for its creative use of raw materials in textiles and crafts. Assam was one of the states whose craftwork was exhibited at the National Handicrafts and Hand born Museum in 2010.

South India: – The diversity of religious beliefs has had a great impact on the crafts of Southern India. The region has seen the rule of various empires such as the Mughal, Portuguese, Dutch, French and British. Each has left their mark of style on traditional crafts. The expertise industry of South India has established itself commercially in the nation,

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